Private Tour Berlin

Sightseeing in Berlin? Nothing beats a tour with your private guide – no matter walking, biking or by car with driver! Sightseeing at its most informative, most comfortable and most relaxing.


Berlin is a big place, almost 350 square miles, so moving around in a luxury limousine is not only fast and comfortable, it is imperative if you want to make the most of your time. For a quick overview, to get a first impression, see all the important sights and know where to go and what to do in your onward stay we recommend a three hour overview tour. Should you decide to linger here and there, delve more deeply into the background stories or simply want to see more than the usual, leaving the beaten track, we are happy to take you on an extended tour! In this case tours can also be combined with any of the special tours offered. Something you’re interested in that’s not on the list? Just let us know, our job is to make it happen!

Or inquire directly with your favorite guide

Uli Welmering
Michael Saß
Oliver Brunner
Harald Reudelsdorf
Andreas John Foerster (BA)
Matthias Stukenbrok
Ulrich Kilian
Klaus Kannen
Karin Schneider
Lars Jokubeit
Jochen Wiesenberg

Don’t want to choose your guide yourself?

Have you noticed people raving about Berlin for the past years, ever since Germany´s reunification? How about finding out for yourself, just what they´re talking about!


You will feel the breath of history wherever you go! From Berlin’s astonishing rise as Prussia’s, then Germany’s capital, to the moral and material devastation of the Nazi era, into the current dynamics of reinventing itself as the capital of a reunited Germany, intertwined in the fabric of a uniting Europe, history is tangible in this place, that has so much been the focus of politics in the 20th century. All this has left its mark not only on the architecture “Old & New“ but first and foremost, on its unique breed of people, the Berliners.


On your tour, breeze down wide boulevards, seeing highlights like the Brandenburg Gate, the Reichstag, the Olympic Stadium (1936), Checkpoint Charlie, remnants of the Wall, the world renowned Museum Island, icons of Modern Architecture, “High End“ and “Alternative End“, outdoor activities, nightlife, fashion, shopping, art and antiques – all of these located between the colours green and blue of forests, parks, lakes and rivers.