Jochen Wiesenberg

„It’s all about the Wall! The most unique part of Berlin‘s history is the story of the Berlin Wall. Start your private city tour with a visit to some of its remnants. You will see that this makes it a lot easier to understand the Berlin of today. “

Oh no, not again! The line-up at the checkpoint to enter West-Berlin seems endless. That means a wait of at least two hours and the usual hassle by the East-German border guards: feeling both helpless and powerless. Why do we do this? Is this how you want to begin a family holiday?


In the 80s we often used the transit route through the GDR to drive to West-Berlin, because for us West-Germans this was the easiest way to visit the Eastern part of the city. It offered the rare opportunity to see that part of the family that had stayed in the East and was now obliged to continue to stay there.


Rambling through East and West-Berlin as a teenager, I already began to sense what was special about this city. But I also sensed how the greyish shroud of the cold war paralyzed the dormant giant.


Once the Wall was gone I decided to relocate to Berlin. So, from the early nineties onwards, I could witness the changes that the capital of the reunited Germany was undergoing. I had the first-hand experience of how Berlin was turning into that vibrant, cultural, vivid metropolis in the centre of Europe.

Speaks German, English, Spanish and Dutch

Specialized in Berlin Wall, WW II, Sachsenhausen Concentration Camp, parks & palaces, Frederick the Great, museums

Tours by limousine, coach, bike and walking tours

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