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Uli Welmering
Michael Saß
Oliver Brunner
Harald Reudelsdorf
Andreas John Foerster (BA)
Matthias Stukenbrok
Ulrich Kilian
Klaus Kannen
Karin Schneider
Lars Jokubeit
Jochen Wiesenberg

Take a look at the profiles of our guides: everyone on this site works freelance, within different formats, ranging from walking tours to classic step-on guide. What’s special is that all of us are in possession of the valid passenger transportation license required by German law (here’s the nice German name: Personenbeförderungsschein), which means we can work in the dual capacity of driver and guide. So we offer you both: a sophisticated knowledge about the city’s history and places and a flexible and easy way to move around.


We’re a pretty mixed crowd. Few people become guides in the way of a deliberate career choice. As a result, guides are usually a very diverse set of people, each with a different background and previous experience in other fields. What we all share is the passion for our job.


By clicking on the photos you will get an idea of the person behind the picture. If you want to know more, no problem: You can contact any one of us to ask whatever you would like to know, before making your choice!