Harald Reudelsdorf

Make friends with an irritating place! Focus on one aspect: very interesting. Focus on two: intriguing. See the whole picture: mind-boggling!

Hi, I’m Harald. I’m German, though I do speak with a recognizable Canadian accent. Now, if that doesn’t bother you, welcome to the tour!


What’s my particular perspective? I like to look at connections. Drawing lines from the past to the present and vice versa. Connecting this city to other times and other places in this Global village.


Take the Brandenburg Gate. When was it built? What style? I’ll tell you, make no mistake about that. But what really fascinates me are the stories connected to it. Why is it there? What was, what is its significance? How does it relate to you and your neck of the woods?


While the history of the textbooks comes across as a little dry sometimes, understanding how the past plays into the present can change your perception profoundly. And history, in the case of Berlin, has a very tangible quality. As for me, I don’t shy away from some of the more difficult aspects of our German heritage and I encourage you to ask any questions that may arise during our tour. I can’t promise I’ll have all the answers, in fact you may come away with more questions!


To be sure, contemporary Berlin is a fun and thriving place. A place I’ll do my very best to introduce, and eventually, allow it to seduce!

Speaks German, English and French

Specialized in Prussia, Roaring 20ies, Berlin under Nazi rule and WWII, the Cold War and the Wall, architecture, Jewish Berlin

Tours by limousine, coach, boat, bike and walking tours

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