Andreas John Foerster (BA)

``Berlin is different: An arena of incredible changes, a place of immeasurable diversity. But under the surface of this vibrant and cool new city you still could find the rubble of a World War and innumerable traces of people who killed or got killed. Or you might walk along the line where a wall used to stand, keeping families and friends away from each other. Berlin is terrible, Berlin is beautiful. Berlin is terribly beautiful!“

I am a native Berliner born in 1976. I was raised in the western part of the city and do still remember how it was to live in a city occupied by foreign soldiers, divided and encircled by the Wall: We were the free ones, living on that “island” surrounded by the Soviet occupation zone of Germany. And that was sometimes a bit strange…


As a cultural scientist I love to look at every seemingly ordinary phenomenon as if it were a secret that wants to be spotted and unraveled. Even for me, being part of a family that has lived in Berlin for generations, my city is still full of mysteries and forgotten stories. That’s why I love my profession and that’s why each tour seems like a new adventure to me, one I’d like to share with you.

I’m married and, since 2013, I have a little daughter. After all that promotion I do have to mention one downside: I’m not that much into nightlife anymore…

Speaks German, English, Latin and Classical Greek

Specialized in Cold War & WW II, Prussia, Jewish Berlin, Potsdam, museums & art galleries, architecture, Sachsenhausen

Tours by limousine, coach, boat and walking tours

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