Matthias Stukenbrok

``Berlin is a cosmopolitan city with a cultural and architectural diversity, a place of historical trials and tribulations, accommodating a wide variety of modes and concepts of life. A city that never is, but always will be.“

I grew up in the central part of the city, very close to the Wall. I lived through the last years of the cold war in East Berlin. Right after the Fall of the Wall, I was keen on exploring the western part of the city, the „Forefront of capitalism“, as I had been taught to see it. So I was able to experience the exciting process of reunification from different perspectives, while the city was reinventing itself.

About 8 years ago, I decided to turn my personal passion for this city into a profession. Since then, my main occupation has been showing the German capital to my guests. I also do day-trips with my guests to discover other interesting locations in the surrounding area. Starting with a historical and cultural overview of the city, I will gladly cater to and focus on your any special interests. It will also be my pleasure to suggest things to do for the remaining time of your stay in Berlin.


A contemporary witness invites you to uncover the vestiges of the past of this unique city. Discover the diversity of Europe’s cultural capital, with a true Berliner.

Speaks German, English and Spanish

Specialized in WW War II, Cold War, Berlin Wall, architecture, trendy neighborhoods, food & restaurants, day-trips

Tours by limousine, coach, boat, bike and walking tours

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