Interesting destinations not far from Berlin:


Spree Forest

Care to see Dessau, home to the Bauhaus movement, or Leipzig, a city with a vivid past and a dynamic present, or maybe the Spreewald, a one-of-a-kind system of canals? Join our driver-guide on an exciting outing!


You need to count at least 5 hours for any of the trips on this page, for some a full day is recommended. Some destinations can be combined as they are close to each other. You may even consider an overnight stay. In any case we will be glad to assist you in your planning.



Dessau is the most well-known venue of the Bauhaus movement that established itself as a combination of arts and craft, design and architecture in early 20th century Germany. Visit the former Bauhaus School Building that hosts a number of exhibitions and study the ingenuity of the design demonstrated in a variety of buildings throughout the town. (close by: Wittenberg and Wörlitz Park)


Leipzig, a two hour ride from Berlin, is a city that has been hosting international trade fairs from the Middle Ages to the present day. In former times the events would take place in the centre of town, where today wonderfully restored merchant buildings bear witness to that rich era. The city is also connected to classical music, especially Johann Sebastian Bach and the man who rediscovered him, Felix Mendelsohn-Bartholdy. Of a totally different nature: Leipzig was the site of one of the great battles of the Napoleonic wars, commemorated with a gigantic Art Nouveau style memorial.


Spreeforest Had enough of the hustle and bustle of Berlin? Why not elope with us into the enchanted Spreewald. Here the River Spree, which downstream continues on to Berlin, branches into some 200 canals amidst an exceptional scenery, best discovered from one the traditional Spree-barges. The area also features some picturesque little towns such as Lübbenau for you to enjoy.

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