Ulrich Kilian

“ BERLIN today, is like NEW YORK in the 80ies “, says the New York Times. That`s true !!! ….. only in parts !!! I show you the similarities, I show you the differences …. What is really exciting about my hometown BERLIN, I myself discover new and astounding things on a daily basis. JOIN ME ! ! !

…. ACCIDENTALLY DROPPING out of the stork´s beak right over WEST-BERLIN in the 1950ies, I experienced the tensions of the “ COLD WAR “ as an infant eyewitness, well protected by the Western Allies, as a rather exciting time, similar to that of a boyscout´s game. After studying Theater and Journalism and being a director of radio drama for a while, I switched to the other side of the Atlantic :


1 year San Francisco  /  12 years New York
Q:   “ What did you do there ?? “
A:   “ HAVING LOT´S OF FUN  !!! “


…. practicing the “ art of survival “ by teaching German, working in catering & the movie business, driving a Yellow Cab, playing in a band and …. see above !      Love and marriage brought me back to BERLIN 1990, the year of reunification of Germany.


On a tour with me, several things will happen simultaniously : Seriousness & serenity, information, facts & figures, anecdotes, eyewitness testimony, entertainment, pleasure & fun …. The choice is yours !!!         I´M LOOKING FORWARD TO YOUR COMPANY !!!

Speaks German and English

Specialized in custom taylored tours, serious & entertaining, all of history, Jewish Berlin, architecture, eat & drink

Tours by limousine, coach, boat and walking tours

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