Uli Welmering

Berlin - Past. Present. Future.
There are no “Stupid Questions”!

Not the oldest city in Europe, but definitely one with an amazing past for at least three centuries. Exciting present days in this truly international city to be witnessed. A Global Lab for future trends and developments. That’s Berlin!


All this can be quite confusing. Let me guide you through a “Yin-and-Yang”-Tour: Get a perspective of Prussian Glory, Imperial Hype, Nazi Barbarism, Cold War, Post-Wall. And be surprised at what comes around the next corner!


Arriving in Berlin as an Airliner in the early Nineties, I myself could witness the rapid changes from the tearing down the Berlin Wall until today. So share my enthusiasm and leave this place wanting so dearly to come back, again!

Speaks German and English

Specialized in Jewish Heritage, history from '33 to ’99, architecture, design, shopping & lifestyle

Tours by foot, bike, limousine, coach and boat

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