Karin Schneider

``Cruise with me through the city and find out how film director Fassbinder got me to dance and how Tarantino stumbled over my feet...``

As a native Berliner I would like to share with you my enthusiasm for and my profound knowledge of my hometown. I studied culture sciences and have a great passion for art and architecture. Berlin is a very vivid and inspiring city undergoing constant changes and transformations. Expect a very individual, humorous and charming tour!


I’m familiar with Berlin’s unique night life and I know a lot of exciting places in this city. I have chauffeured many politicians and actors through this city and it will be my pleasure to include you on my list of distinguished guests.

Speaks German, English, Spanish and French

Frederick the Great, architecture, Jewish history, film industry and Roaring 20's, WW II, Cold War and the Berlin Wall

Tours by limousine, bike and walking tours

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