DriverGuides Berlin opens news blog

Hello there,

here is a new feature on our website: a blog! The plan is to present you with a variety of
topics, ranging from interesting places we have discovered, like new restaurants, cozy
nooks off the beaten track, exhibitions and events, to stories we have encountered while
en route, right up to the question: what does a guide do when she or he is not working?
We are planning a loose sequence so just check in on us every now and then to see
what’s new.

Today I’ll tell you about what we’ve been up to in the winter months, where business is
usually a bit more relaxed – by the way, a great time to do a private city tour in Berlin,
no crowds and indoor activities galore! So here’s our current activity as a group: The
DriverGuides Academy. It’s an initiative that developed from among the associates and
that quickly found inspired organizers as well as faithful participants.

So far we have covered a number of places like the House of the Wannsee Conference ,
the Centrum Judaicum and the New Synagogue , German Resistance Memorial Center ,
the Spymuseum Berlin and the Dalí Exhibition .

Why do we do this? Well, first of all it’s nice to be guided for a change! No, seriously, as
guides for Berlin we cover the big picture, whereas the guides in the places mentioned
delve into much greater detail than we could ever possibly manage during a tour. On the
other hand, information, especially stories, we glean from these activities is what makes
our tours all the more exiting for our guests. And of course we can give you very
confident recommendations about these places: what is there to see (and do!), and, of
course, is it in English?

Stay tuned.

DriverGuides Berlin

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