Berlin History in Sand

Have you ever heard of a sand theater or of sandartists? Never? Then you should visit the only sandtheater we have in Germany: Sandtheater Berlin. It`s laying in the vivacious Friedrichstra├če, besides the busy Station Friedrichststra├če, in the so called Admiralspalast theater, right in the heart of the German capital.

Together with emotional music and an astonishing lightshow, the best sandartists of Europe are creating amazing pictures with sand. You expected to see sandsculptures? You are totaly wrong! Pictures are created with sand and these pictures are telling stories. For example a story about Berlin, how these huge city developed over centuries, from a small village to the metropolis of today.



Or the story of the Berlin wall, a period of the city and of Germany, which brought deep incisions for the citiziens of Berlin in both parts of the city, east and west. You can see which incidents led to the erection of the wall, the years of the division and then the long desiderated fall of the wall. All created in amazing pictures of sand !

So, this is a totally different experience to see the history of Berlin and to get a new view on the city.
And you have a big advantage. You don`t have to care about the weather outside.



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Fotos: Dmitry Shakhin/ Sandtheater Berlin

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