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Coming to see galleries galore in Berlin this year but haven’t been here before? Why not combine your gallery expedition with a city tour? Have one of our Driverguides take you from location to location and give you a city tour en route. Take one get two!
The galleries in town are gearing up for one of the biggest art events of the year. An annual event for some 12 years now, Gallery Weekend Berlin has become somewhat of a tradition. Some say there are 600 galleries in the city, some claim there are even more. No one really knows and it is hard to keep count, because, just like the city, the gallery scene is in a steady state of flux. It is even harder to tell how many creative artists have currently made Berlin the focal point of their artistic endeavors. No doubt a huge number, not least because it still is possible to rent a studio in Berlin at an affordable rate.

Even though Gallery Weekend is organized by the bigger players in town, like KÖNIG GALERIE, CAPITAIN PETZEL AND GALERIE NEU, it calls into action many others and everyone will be keen on displaying their favored artist(s). It’s a good time to do both: on the one hand meet up with some of the great names in one of the established galleries and, on the other hand discover some exiting and inspiring newcomers in a temporary project space.

If you are not familiar with Berlin, a word of caution: Berlin is a spread out place and many galleries have a predilection for far out locations (in the double sense)! Even though occasionally you’ll find a few galleries bunched together, you are well advised to consider enhanced mobility to get around. Here is our recommended option:

Send an email to info @ and we will happily provide you with a guide and car in the time frame that suits you and your needs.


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Pictures taken during Gallery Weekend 2016 at
1 Blaine Southern, Berlin showing Harland Miller
2 Blaine Southern, Berlin showing Harland Miller
3 Galerie Jüdin showing Uwe Wittwer
4 Galerie Neu showing Anne Collier
5 Neugeriemschneider showing Group Show
6 Meyer Riegger showing Miriam Cahn

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