We require your credit card details

To finalize your booking, we need your credit card details in order to settle or secure payment.

Utmost security

We use stripe.com as payment service provider. Your data is transferred to stripe in an encrypted form and stored on their servers. It is not possible for us to read your credit card data at any time. Thus we ensure the highest safety standard for our clients.

Invoicing address

Please fill in the address information in the first window as you would like it to appear on your invoice. Are you making the booking for a company? In this case please enter the name and address of the company.

Credit card verification

By clicking on the „Send“ – button the credit card data are verified and stored. To do this 0.50 Euro are authorized on your credit card. Without this authorization storage of the data for future settlements and security of payment would not be possible. We will release this authorization as soon as possible.

Authorization of credit card payment

One or two days prior to the date of service requested we will authorize (reserve) the anticipated invoice amount in order to secure the payment.

Debiting of credit card

Your credit card will be debited only after completion of services. In your credit card statement you will find the payment under the heading „DriverGuides Berlin“.

Security of payment

If credit card data is provided as security of payment only, the credit card will not be debited unless the set period of payment is exceeded.